A term used to describe a person who once had sane qualities, but due to unforeseen circumstances was driven insane.

Also used to describe someone who is either, pathetic, cowardly, disgusting, or any other derogatory term.
He's such a meagher!

Did you see how meagher he's gone?
by The Nutmeg June 22, 2008
Top Definition
The type of person who will take your crap till a point where they just beat the crap out of you. Then they'll help you up and brush the dirt off you and hope you've learned your lesson.
That guys such an ass, finally I just had to pull a Meagher on him, hope he learns.
by IIimage July 18, 2013
To run down the hallways at DR yelling "YA BOY"!
Thay kid just tried to pull a Meagher and failed miserably!
by Brina Jean January 29, 2009
Another name for the rash that can appear between your balls and arse on a hot day.
I met this hot chick in barcelona but I couldn't do anything cause I had an awful meagher and was too sore
by To everyone else it butters March 06, 2007
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