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The most amazing girl. Perfection.
Meagan is the perfect girl.
by Will5335 February 01, 2009
Don't let her sly smile fool you. At first she may come off as being sweet, or innocent, but in all reality, she is a cold hearted snake.
Oh, Meagan's cute!
by Carlyle Foxx August 13, 2012
A girl who is usually very bitchy and likes to try the case with many other girls and makes "friends" break up with their girlfriends because she is jealous. Almost always in denial about everything in her life and cannot accept the truth when it is very clear she is wrong.
by Hater6 January 06, 2012
An extremely annoying girl who gets too close to other girl's boyfriends. She flirts with everybody and loves Jesus. Everytime you're near her she will get mad for making fun of someone and thinks she does no wrong.
"stop clinging on my arm, you're acting like Meagan!"
by lully November 28, 2011
A burly, man-like creature with no semblance of beauty, poise or intelligence. With no real friends, they cling to their current "boyfriends" with all their might, convinced of their "eternal love" and cannot recognize the numerous ways in which their relationship is much more like an abusive friendship than a sustainable relationship. Meagans have no foreseeable future in life extending outside the reach of their parents' bank accounts.
No one should be friends with a Meagan.
by TheReasonForLife January 21, 2012
A person who eats only meat and cheese and abstains from eating any poor defenseless fruits and vegetables. The opposite of a Vegan.
Ryan is on the Atkins diet because he is a MEAgan.
by Fat Ryan June 05, 2006
A variance on Megan. Meagan is pronounced: Men-a-gan. Meagan is derived from the latin Meagas-Menagas which means clumsy and forgetful
Meagan has two moneys
by iamjack April 22, 2008
Another smarter term for the word FISH
Scott: dude i got a new Meagan yesterday

Damian: yes thats totally cool
by NiggaBLACK September 08, 2008

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