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Alt-Country/Pop Singer-Songwriter b. April 8th, 1979

Meade Skelton is a native of Richmond, Virginia who started writing and composing music at an early age. Known in school as a "stand out" and an "outcast", Meade used his quirky personality to invent such songs as "They Called Me Porker", and "Nicole, Will You Marry Me?"- a song he wrote for actress Nicole Kidman. Meade Skelton is also known for his frequent battle with weight, and he appears heavy and then thinner in most publicity photos. The youngest of 5 children, his parents were amazed when at 3 years old he began playing the piano and singing.

Meade's mother died when he was 11 years old. He grew up in Loudoun County, Virginia, and then at 18, moved to Richmond- his mother's hometown where he soon became involved with the music scene. Meade is also known to have an affinity for krispy kreme doughnuts. He's also a Southern Baptist.
Meade Skelton is a Singer Songwriter from Richmond Virginia.
by Robert Young January 24, 2007
Severely overweight/obese country singer who trolls countless Internet forums with delusional and self-promoting comments. Commonly refers to himself in the third person. Again, is very fat. Almost certainly a homosexual. Has a dead mother and lives with his father, in his basement. Stands 5 feet 7 inches but claims he is "not short."

Penned the hit song "We Talk in Circles," reportedly while binging on twinkies and M&Ms over a three-day period.
OMG that fat guy trolling our board is totally a Meade Skelton.
by Meade Superfan November 15, 2008
Meade Skelton is a Richmond resident who posts praises of himself under aliases in numerous internet forums. A self described artist, is usually ridiculed for being narcissistic, unimaginative, and untalented.
Meade Skelton has been laughed out of forums for years.
by Fairfax2Richmond March 30, 2009
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