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1. n. long-winded and usually unrelated stories about one's self that a person brings up to the effect of monopolizing a conversation. 2. a point in the conversation where trite and oft-repeated accounts of one's life bore the hell out of everybody. 3.me-ographist: someone who indulges in talking constantly about one's self. 4. me-ographize: to make friends suffer by regularly repeating stories about one's self.
1. The soiree was going well until old Mrs. Lawhorne proceeded to bore her guests with her me-ography.
2. "I swear man, make the mistake of asking Joan how her day was, and you're in for a me-ography marathon."
3. "If all of Matt's me-ographies were true, he'd be a hundred years old!"
by Nickilicious January 22, 2008

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it is the way 'mericans learn about maps and shit, since 'merica is the center of the universe.
Harland Williams is the leading expert in 'Merican meography.
by LethbridgeRob October 23, 2013