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A well rounded person with a great easy going personality.
Mcgravey is one hell of a beer pong reff!!
Look at ole Mcgravey over there with her boobs out with no care in the world.
by mustardass August 29, 2009
The juices that accumulate from both parties after an intense session of intercourse. This includes both the male and female excrements. Commonly known as the "wet spot"
It is common practice for a young man who has recently lost his virginity to ingest the McGravey after love making.

Honey I slept in the McGravey last night, tonight it is your turn.
by suckmykolk April 27, 2011
To call somebody a pro or to compare them to jesus.
Woah, that guy must be a mcgravey
by The one and only jesus October 24, 2006
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