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When a vagina is messy or majorly wet. Compared to a sandwich from mcdonalds that would be messy.
Guy 1- How was is last night bro?

Guy 2- I had her going crazy, she definitely had a mcgina going on.
#mc #vagina #mcgina #messy #wet
by K-Schlem2014 October 23, 2011
To be a boy but secretly have a "vagina" and have tendencys towards the feminine end of the spectrum.
"Joe, stop being such a mcgina"
#feminine #womanly #mangina #homo #gayified
by Granners December 08, 2009
1. The act of fucking a Big Mac. Also, the burger used for this purpose.
2. A person who compulsively enguages in McGina (McPhilliac).
3. one who ingests the aftermath of McGina (especially unwittingly).
4. The unctuous asshole of one who habitually eats "food" from McDonalds. (See also McButthole.)
Three all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions in your sesame seed buns.
by AnalSpittoon December 22, 2004
some hot pussied chicks workin at da mickyd's drive thru window
damn dawg did you see those two hott mcginas making that shake
#mcgina #sex #sexy #rich #mcdonalds
by richard giannini May 10, 2008
(mic-ji-nuh) to be annoying or lame or sluttish. a combination of all three is a legit mcgina.
She fucked four dudes and screamed "Billie Jean" at the top of her lungs. What a McGina.
#slut #whore #annoying bitch #vagina #cocksucker
by mora mcwilson July 05, 2009
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