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A special type of orgasm involving a Mc Donalds food dish and mass pleasure.

Ex. Combining a Mc Chicken with a double Cheeseburger = a Mcgasm in your mouth.

Steve: hey man are you OK? You've been chewing that chunk of your Big Mac for five minutes now.

Bob: *swallows* Yea I'm fine its just that big mac.... its so good it was causing multiple Mcgasms in my mouth.
by Flavur December 10, 2008
7 13
The McGasm is an intricate and delicious specimen of American food. It includes a McDonalds double cheeseburger in-between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. You have to be in good physical health to attempt eating one.
Tony-Dude, what the hell happened to Tyler why is he so sweaty? And why is the defibulator out?

Trevor-He tried to eat a McGasm without proper training.

Tony-Holy shit, what was he thinking?
by speedway182 October 14, 2009
46 9
When you have an orgasm because your food from Mcdonalds is just so good.
That Big Mac just made me McGasm!
by McGasmer May 04, 2011
6 1