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Sluts. Skanks. Hoes. Douche bags. Yoga pants. Drug rugs/Baja Hoodies. Moccasins. Druggies. Weed. Ecstasy tea. Scene kids. Scene kid posers. Hipsters. Skinny jeans. People making out everywhere you look in front of the buses at the end of the day. Bitchy teachers. Ghetto sluts. PINK/Victoria's secret clothing. Fights. Derps. Hot black guys. (I'm sorry, but I had to put that.) Players/Man whores. Pajama pants. Really short dresses. Uggs. Bra stuffing. Skipping. Co-Fair. Smoking in the bathroom. Pin straight hair. Getting played. Dubstep. Lil Wayne fans. Backstabbers. Pregnant girls. Gay kids in the closet. Gay Teachers. Teacher that looks like hitler. Rape hallway. VanVolkenBitch. Dumb blondes. Homophobes. Awesome losers that hang out in a box in the cafeteria. Gonorrhea. STD land. Pissing off teachers. Death threats. Kids that sit in the cafeteria playing guitar because they think they're so good at it. Rasta Colors. Yeah, that's about it.
Bob: Dude I fucked some slut from Mcdowell High School.

Jimmy: She's from Mcdowell? Bro, you probably have an STD.

Bob: Oh, shit.
by Crack-smoking Kraken. February 26, 2012

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