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Not long after ingesting McDonalds fast food a person suffers what is known as The McStruggle, a condition where one gets cramps, stomach and head aches, and a overall bad feeling; such symptoms can completly immobolize an average adult-sized human male.
"Aww man I could really go for a few nice Double Cheeseburgers from the dollar menu, but its definatly not worth the McStruggle!"
by Zotaku November 16, 2008
When someone is struggling so bad that it's only neccessary to punch them in the forehead.

This kid McCarthy struggles so bad we thought it only made sense to call him McStruggle.
Dude Connor is struggling so bad!

"What a McStruggle!"

"Come here McCarthy, you need one."
by Casta-tits February 06, 2008
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