A McSorley is the act of doing a man/woman from behind and pulling out quickly and standing up so that your erect penis is hanging to the side of their face, only to unexpectedly smack them across the face with it as they turn around, hopefully giving them a grade 3 concussion similar to the on-ice incident between Marty McSorley and Donald Brashear.
This term is used to pay tribute to one of hockey's greatest goons and also the protector of Wayne Gretzky. Used primarily in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia.
i.e. (doctor to male in waiting room of hospital) "how did this happen?"

"I McSorleyed her right in the face. I am sure to get a suspension for that shit."
by The Wonder from Down Under October 29, 2007
Top Definition
An all purpose word that can be used in place of any noun, verb or adjective. It arises from Irish genealogical roots and translates to 'all purpose' or 'many places.' It is quite useful when the right word escapes the tip of one's tongue. It is also very useful when referring to implied topics of conversation without revealing the subject to anyone else who may be listening.
"Wow, you really McSorley'd that McSorley today"

"My McSorley is bigger than your McSorley"

"I'm gonna go take a massive McSorley"
by jboness October 07, 2009
to smack an opposing player or person in the head with a hockey stick, golf club, ball bat or any other object that can be used to inflict damage.
Is derived from an infamous moment in the National Hockey League in 2000 when notorious goon Marty McSorley of the Boston Bruins smacked another well known goon, Donald Brashear of the Vancouver Canucks, in the back of the head with his stick. This caused Brashear to fall, smack his head off the ice and receive a Grade 3 concussion. McSorley was suspended for the remainder of the season and was eventually found guilty of assault with a weapon and never played another NHL game.
That prick on the 8th hole was really pissing me off; I was contemplating giving him a McSorley with my nine iron.
by John H. Ringo August 14, 2007
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