A chavette/millie teenage girl who works in McDonalds. Generally 16 years old and pregnant.
Oh God, it's her again... she's 5 months now, she's such a McSlut.
by Dave Beaste April 10, 2006
Top Definition
a girl whose so slutty, shes even willing to fornicate behind the dumpster of a filth ridden McDonalds.
that McSlut gummed me behind that big green dumpster in the McDonald's parking lot.
by babolonfivefanatic November 26, 2006
A person who goes on late-night McDonalds binges, only to wake up and regret it the next morning.
Last night I got really hungry, so I drove to McDonalds and got two Big Macs and a supersized order of fries. I woke up with a terrible stomachache. I feel like such a McSlut.
by radiowires March 20, 2011
if you watch Grey's Anatomy then you are familiar with McDreamy, McSteamy, and McVet.
Well, McSlut is a highschool name given to an attention whore girl who craves attention and gets it by dating 2 hideous guys at once and then denying it.
she claims they are all "just friends."
she claims to have emotional issues to get them to pay more attention to her.
This is what her 'friends'(people who put up with her, aka kaceyhaters; see kacey cutter)
call her behind her back or around her so that she doesn't know who they are talking about.
McSlut haters: ugh did yall see what McSlut what doing with whats his face?!

McSlut: hey you guys who is this McSlut person?

McSlut haters: *giggles and ask what are you talking about?*
by Henregard December 04, 2006
A slut that works at McDonald's (i.e. Mexican pregnant slut.)
Damn, mang, look at that McSlut working there behind the counter, I oughtta go back ther and slap her up!
by Dr. ShitFuckSlutMCintheHizzy September 22, 2003
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