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1) A fairly stuck up school located in Richmond B.C. with an unusually high grade point average compared to surrounding schools. Slackers don't fit in and trouble makers are sussed out and chased down (as quickly as possible) by a slightly crippled vice-principal with an english accent and a thirst to punish.
person 1: hey, i think i'm gunna go to mcroberts next year.
person 2: why? you wont get away with half the stuff you do at this school plus the v.p. spends his days plotting his revenge against the student body as a whole.
person 1: oh thats ok, i like doing homework and being on time for school everyday, I also enjoy getting A's and making adults, teachers and others with authority over me happy.... one time i got drunk though... it was really cool... i was such a bad ass.. i had one cooler and i was done. I spent the whole night puking after that.
person 2: haha ok nevermind... you definitely belong at mcroberts.

by suffering under totalitarian March 26, 2009
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