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an amazing person who is loved by all and has many nicknames including Mc Fat, Mc scared, Mc fag, Mc Rude, Mc gay. (also a good surfer ;))
is that chick fat.... must be McRae
by iwannabethebatman November 02, 2011
5 5
in conjunction with the name "Neil" and initial "J", as in "Neil J. McRae", is a type of troll-bot which flames anyone or anything which remotely suggests that BMW cars are imperfect in anyway. NJMcR lurks on a number of mailing lists, many of which are internet, technology or computer-game related.
Me: BMW M5, not as quick as they pretend is is
Neil J. McRae: they can't have tested it correctly, and even so it's better than your rice-boy's warm coupe.
by Mr. Uk Not troll-monger July 07, 2003
7 5
the chatest possible goal in fifa street. a shot to the bottom right corner, often used during the gamebreaker. Named after Kellen McRae's signature fifa street move.
Kellen-Sicking i just got a gb
Will- Hey senyor,nice McRae guy
by poonWilliam October 31, 2006
6 5
One of Cliff Stanford's oldest friends.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
8 7
One of Cliff Stanford's oldest mates.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
6 7