An all guys school that has a ridiculous tuition, but good at sports and the students receive a good education. As one could guess, buttsex is prevalent in this school.
"You go to McQuaid?"
"Wow, your ass must be sore, huh?"
"Used to get like that. I just don't feel it anymore."
by Indigo Montoya April 28, 2005
Top Definition
An all boys insitution in Brighton, New York. It is commonly known to be a "gay" school where all of the students have regular butt sex and circle jerks but that is a common misconseption. McQuaid is a great school where academics and athletics are key for success. McQ prepares you for college and beyond unlike the trashy cross town rival school formally known as the Aquinas Institute, but informally known as the Dewey Ave Dumpster.
McQuaid Jesuit High School is the shit.
by liveguire November 20, 2006
A great school that is quickly being run into the ground by Fr. Jim Coughlin. McQuaid will still be the best school in Rochester for years to come, but the students will resent the administration for disreguarding the rules and lack of communication. This will lead to students hating the school in general thus giving McQuaid a bad rap. As stated by Fr. Coughlin himself in 2007, "I will be involved with managing McQuaid's public image." As of 2010, he is the dictator of McQuaid and is working on destroying the unity of the students and the brotherhood of the school.
Visit for more of an explaination as to why McQuaid Jesuit High School is being destroyed by Fr. Coughlin.
by The Knights Templar April 27, 2010
McQuaid is one of the best highschools in the country. Yes it is an all guys school, but we kick the shit out of most sports. We have section V titles this year in Volleyball, and Hockey and Hockey also won states.
Sausage fest?? I think not
McQuaid guys get public school chicks and the public school guys are mad
by U Know April 06, 2005
All boys high school in Rochester, NY. Brother school to Our Lady of Mercy High School. A sausage fest, yes, but those are the breaks.
"Everyone calls it McQuaid. Seriously, how many people do you know that say, 'I'm going to McQuaid Jesuit High School?'
by N/A March 30, 2005
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