A hot girl that works at McDonalds
Yo Torch..shes some fine Mcpussy
#mcdonalds #pussy #girls #hot #women
by StevieG2 April 17, 2008
Top Definition
1. A pussy so fat it look like a hamburger.

2. A fat unhealthy pussy (yeast) McPussy with Cheese
Ol' girl look a lil' chunky in da club, but when i got her to da crib I see she got a McPussy! Man, good thing I love me some hamburgers.
#pussy #fat #hambuger #mc #cheese
by Dat Gal June 04, 2009
An alternate name for a mcdouble when someone is unable to eat a full sized burger.
Come on D, you ordering a McPussy again? man up and order a real sandwhich!
#mcdonalds #mcdouble #wimp #anorexic #anorexia
by S-Dog69 May 09, 2011
Mc.Donalds fillet O fish put in the center of two junior chickens.
Man, im soo hammered lets go get a Mc Pussy
#pussy #mc donald #sandwiches #tasty #burger
by Dagnar February 13, 2011
a pussy shaped mcnugget at mcdonalds. or just a pussy.
dave is a pussy ass mcpussy.
by ben December 04, 2003
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