A loud exhortation paying homage to a fat and bald 40 year old who attends high school.
So, I saw McPeek walking down the hall and I just had to yell, "McPeek!"
by Mattius December 07, 2003
Top Definition
Used as a greeting to a friend, usually a shout used to get anothers attention.
You see your friend Bryan on the street and yell "MCPEEK!!!"
by Michael Kirby December 09, 2003
Usually a video game kid that get out rarely. Whenever he is given a chance to play a video game, he takes it. Usually paleness is another factor of bein Mcpeek.Made fun of by his peers for being albino and having no life.
Wow, look at Mcpeek over there, he has no life
by Hunter6443 August 02, 2010
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