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A person who watches and creeps on little kids that are playing and running around a McDonalds Playhouse.
Dude see that guy on that bench?
Hes a McPedophile.
What do you mean?
Look how he is starring at those little kids.
#mcdonalds #food #mc #pedophile #creeper
by The Indo Crew July 13, 2010
A double quaterpounder burger with a whole cheeseburger inside between the meat patties
Gary Glitter: Hey man, do you want to get a hummer and a chicken feed from some little kiddies?

Bicknell: Nah mate, I'll just settle for a McPedophile
#implied cheeseburger #hummer and a chickenfeed #pedophilia #gary glitter #off menu mcdonalds burgers #macpedophile
by stuart87 April 28, 2011
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