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"McOwned" or "McOwn3d"
A version of "Owned" or "Own3d" referring to the picture of Ronald McDonald being arrested that has been circulated throughout many internet picture sites. It basically has the same use of "Ownage" except.... more creative.
OMG dood! You just got fucking McOwned!

McOwned bitch!

How about some fries to go with that McOwnage???
by bexposito October 16, 2005
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Mc Owned. Another way of saying Owned. or Pwned.
Hahaha that bitch in CS:S Got Mc Owned!
by SoLiDkIlLeR July 22, 2006
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3 get a good kill mainly on shooting games beat up a loser u got mcowned u got mcowned
by Spencewin August 17, 2007
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