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1)Three white girls and two black guys with one guy taking a shit in they're twat and the other guy doing a reverse Scotish blumpkim.
2) An inverted turtle cream sandwich with 4 out of the 5 people participating while the other videos
3) A nigger that decides to buy two 40's intead of a sandwich at McDonnalds.
4) A nigger asking for money so they can buy a McDonnalds sanwhich
girl 1: after i get done stickin this bottle of whskey up my girlfriends pussy will u bring two of ur niggas over and give us a dirtnasty McNigwich?
guy 1: ahh hell ya bitch u better get ur pussy wet as ever and get ready for the hardest inverted turtle cream sandwich you have ever had.
girl 1: nigga i can feel my pussy rippin right now but i know it will be worth it for some crack rocks if u got them
by fishtank and a half April 15, 2011
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