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One who is of the ethnicity "black irish." Hence the mic (irish) and the niggit (black). Usually the last name goes into the definition for a touch of McDonalds. -The Name "Jake Corcoran" would be defined as a "Corcoran McNiggit."
"Hey, check out that McNiggit! He must know how to party!"
by Jakeypoo November 10, 2005
In reference to a McDonalds Chicken McNugget. More that often, a McNiggit will be burnt. Hence the "niggit" part.
James ordered 25,000 McNiggits from the local McDonalds resturant.
by David and Melissa May 22, 2005
A group of 6 or 12 black children.
Hey, look at those McNiggits over there making all that damned noise!!!
by The Bob Man April 12, 2009
A fat black kid, whose favourite meal, happens to be a McNugget.
''I'm a McNiggit and I sweat lard.''
by MealsOnTheeWheels April 03, 2010