A person who on a certain occasion is just a total scum piece of shit who everyone is ashamed of.
Guy: Hey man did you hear about Matt Egger on Saint Patrick's Day?

Dude: Oh yea, I heard he threw up in the car and was a total McNigger.
by John Trollinski May 09, 2012
A sandwich that you can only get from McDonald's.
A double quarter pounder w/ cheese, with a McChicken pattie stuffed between the two meat patties.

Also, if the entire McChicken sandwich is stuck between the meat patties, it becomes an Ultimate McNigger
Dude, I was so hungry last night, I just had to have a McNigger
by Mike Hoefler November 05, 2007
one who is employed at a nigger donalds
"That retarded mcnigger got my oreder wrong! Damn darkies."
by clayton bigsby March 19, 2005
McNigger: Also known as the McNig, the McNigger has two meanings.

1. The value meal. Number 7 on the McDonald's menu, the McNigger is a prime cut of nigger placed between two sesame seed buns, topped with lettuce, tomato, and special sauce.
2. A McNigger, a nigger who works at McDonalds and wears that stupid fucking hat.
"I'd like to order a McNigger with some cheese... Make that two servings of McNiggers."

"Wassup McNigger, hows it goin dawggg."
by Wej February 23, 2008
Another word for McDonalds because it's seems that at every McShithole restaurant in the US and in Canada the staff and the customers are the most ignorant, loud and rude black people you have ever seen who curse, taunt and start fights for no other reason than the fact that they are ignorant animals.
Person #1: I'm hungry, let's go to McDonalds!
Person #2: McDonalds? More like McNiggers! That place is full of untamed animals 24/7!
by sprimusp June 30, 2011
A black guy who just got out of Mcdonalds university and is now on the production floor.
Look at Leroy, that Mcnigger is workin the drive through window like a veteran.
by Monday Cobbler February 22, 2011
A McDonalds sandwich created by Ronald McDonald where you put watermelon between the buns.
Ronald McDonald: Put watermelon on the buns, we'll call it a McNigger
by The Short White Kid April 19, 2012
A chicken palace coming near you CO Founder is named Grant McNigger.

Grant's heritage is Irish and Nigerian

He was born on September 11, 1976

His Mom Rosanne McCalaster's an Irish bar back met Stakus McNigger .

His father Stakus McNigger a Nigerian chicken Farmer

went to Ireland and tried to start a Chicken place him and his wife's Idea) So the First McNiggers started in Ireland.

Sadly his bussiness failed

So Grant took it upon himself to try to live his fathers dream and opened a small Chicken Shack in Zion Kentucky

It did surprisingly well with there Massive Variety of Chicken.

The menu consists of

Light skinnded chicken or Dark skinnded chicken grilled or fried any way you want it.

All you can eat lunch on all the Chicken.

And on tuesdays its 2 MC tuesdays were if your baby momma eats and buys two large drinks then You and 2 of your kids eats free....

Looking for More supporters in other States

So if you love Chicken like US and help start a new store near you..... Thanks GRANT McNigger.
Lets all go eat at McNigger's and get some of there famous Light Skinndeded Chicken
by MrMCNigger October 10, 2011

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