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A "McNigga" is a black man that has lost all of his street cred and negro like qualities (i.e. pronouncing it "mouth" instead of "mouff" and using "I don't know anything" instead of "Nigga I ain't know nothin"). This "unblackness", if you will, happens most frequently when black people find a steady, well paying, job and gets over their crack addiction (easing him/herself onto cocaine instead). Luckily, this doesn't happen very much.

"McNigga" can also be used as an exclamation/gibberish when one is excited or can't think of something better to say.
Ross(Ben): that nigga is watchin' seinfeld

Al taymalikshawn(Mike): McNigga!


Ross(Ben): you goin' to the physics review session?

Al taymalikshawn: McNigga!

Ross(Ben): I'm gon stab youse in the dick nigga!

by mike xie September 24, 2007
You know how, in all McDonalds commercials, there is always at least one black guy? Yep, there's a word for everything.
Dude1: You why are there always black people in mcdonals commercials?
Dude2: idk McNiggas cant afford anythin else
Dude1: Lets go get big macs
by TulaneUniv June 09, 2009
Any white person who attempts (and fails) to look cool by acting 'gangsta' - common problem.
Jordan came from a middle-class suburban household, but thought that putting on chains and adding "Sup, dawg" to conversations made him cool. Utter McNigga.
by LeWoolfe November 26, 2010
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