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Scottish slang for the single turd that stays afloat after you flush the toilet.
You know when you take a shit and there is that one turd that just wont flush, in Glasgow that is called a McNicol.
by Brothersoldan November 07, 2011
From Rags to Riches!
"Man! that is soo mcnicolish"
by Bivve November 05, 2003
medical term; short for 'mcnicol syndrome'.

used to describe someone who doesn't think very often.

studies show that those with this disease have trouble thinking. whenever they exert their minds, their nerves begin to attack their brains, causing them severe pain.

those affected tend to act slow and fairly dumb.
doctor: sir... you've been diagnosed with mcnicol syndrome.
by t3ss4 April 29, 2009
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