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The last name of a very pretty person, they will be uncontrollable to love.
Girl- Wow, i love him and i don't even know him, i think he's a McNeil
Guy- Damn she's a babe
Guy walks up and says
-Will you marry me, Because I love you.?-
by -BayBabe. February 21, 2010
Scottish slang; Verb, present tense.

Usage - mainly sexual context. Similar to 'nail' or 'nailing'.

Usually dominant

(rhyming with feel - give that a McNeil)
1)"I'm going to McNeil that".
2)"I McNeiled that".
3)"Im McNeiling that".
by McNeiled October 20, 2012
To publicly humiliate a troll on an internet message board by finding and posting pictures, blogs, email addresses, etc. about this person.
Shetuck just McNeiled that fucking clown.
by buckeyemaniac December 23, 2008
Name: Usually the last name of a person. Has an Irish descent, and the person is very cool!
1: Brittney Mcneil, hmm, that name sounds Irish!
by BrittneyCarla December 08, 2008