From superbad; someone who uses a fake id to try and buy alcohol, gets hit in the face, hangs out with the cops all day, knocks a guy out in a bar, shoots at a stop sign, barely fucks a girl, and destroys a cop car-blaming it all on a crack addict
Fogell: Yo guys! Sup?
Seth: Fogell, where have you been, man? You almost gave me a goddamn heart attack. Let me see it. Did you pussy out or what?
Fogell: No noooo, man. I got it; it is flawless. Check it!
Evan: examining the fake ID Hawaii. All right, that's good. That's hard to trace, I guess. Wait... you changed your name to... McLovin?
Fogell: Yeah.
Evan: McLovin? What kind of a stupid name is that, Fogell? What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?
Fogell: Naw, they let you pick any name you want when you get down there.
Seth: And you landed on McLovin...
Fogell: Yeah. It was between that or Muhammed.
Seth: Why the FUCK would it be between THAT or Muhammed? Why don't you just pick a common name like a normal person?
Fogell: Muhammed is the most commonly used name on Earth. Read a fucking book for once.
Evan: Fogell, have you actually ever met anyone named Muhammed?
Fogell: Have YOU actually ever met anyone named McLovin?
Seth: No, that's why you picked a dumb fucking name!
Fogell: Fuck you.
Seth: Gimme that. All right, you look like a future pedophile in this picture, number 1. Number 2: it doesn't even have a first name, it just says "McLovin"!
Evan: What? One name? ONE NAME? Who are you? Seal?
Seth: Fogell, this ID says that you're 25 years old. Why wouldn't you just put 21, man?
Fogell: Seth, Seth, Seth. Listen up, ass-face: every day, hundreds of kids go into the liquor store with fake IDs, and every single one says they're 21. Pssh, how many 21 year olds do you think there are in this town? It's called fucking strategy, all right?
Evan: Stay calm, okay? Let's not lose our heads. It's... it's a fine ID; it'll... it's gonna work. It's passable, okay? This isn't terrible. I mean, it's up to you, Fogell. This guy is either gonna think 'Here's another kid with a fake ID' or 'Here's McLovin, a 25 year-old Hawaiian organ donor'. Okay? So what's it gonna be?
Fogell: grinning ... I am McLovin!
Seth: No you're not. No one's McLovin. McLovin's never existed because that's a made up dumb FUCKING FAIRY TALE NAME, YOU FUCK!

Cop: McLovin, you realize, by signing this you are saying that a crack addict stole our car and did who knows what with it, are you ok with that

McLovin:O, yeah
Officer Michaels: McLovin?
Fogell: Yeah.
Officer Michaels: Great name.
Officer Slater: It is, it just rolls of the tongue.
Officer Michaels: 'Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
Officer Michaels: How old are you McLovin?
Fogell: Old enough.
Officer Michaels: Old enough for what?
Fogell: To party.
#superbad #mclovin #fogell #super #bad #mc lovin
by "I Am McLovin" March 17, 2009
Getting it on in a Mc Donald's drive-thru.
Mmm, dang. Scotty gave me some mc lovin last night while we waited for our Big Macs.
#sex #fast food #time management #fornication #indecent exposure
by Kate[astrophy] July 14, 2008
A white dude who likes to have sex with his mother. Usually gay or nerdish, likes mac and cheese too. Lolz
Mc Lovin' is very harsh
#kara rea #hats #pants #grey #brittish
by WEEEEEEEEinyourpants April 08, 2009
a honorary marine, aka a fake marine, full of shit fake bounty hunter, steroid poppin no dick working loser, a man that just tells bullshit all day long and believes it, can not tell left from right, very bad case of small man disease, wont amount to shit in life, and probably has one blue foot.
i am mclovin!!!
#mcloviin #mc lovin #mcluvin #mcloven #mcuven
by jrod1166443 October 23, 2009
the most beast puppy soo cute i love that lil doggie
Jojo's dog is named Mclovin!
#beast #jojo #dog #doggie #cute
by Sarahlicious** February 12, 2009
Sounds like an Irish R&B singer
Irish guy 1:Top of the mornin to you!

Irish guy 2:I Drink guiness

McLovin: im an Irish R&B singer......i also drink guiness *Hic
#mclovin #maclovin #mc lovin #mcloving #big floppy donkey dick
by Mr Tambourine Man February 15, 2008
The act of sucking dick at fucking pussy.
Man, u really Mclovin
#mclovin #sucking #dick #at #fucking
by FISHYISTHEBISHY December 20, 2008
A quickie. Usually quite juicy, requires little/no thought or preparation, not something you linger over and perfect when you don't have time for the full five courses.
1. I (She / He / We all) enjoy a little McLovin now and again.

2. Come on, we've got time. Let's get some McLovin.

3. Don't think you can give me any McLovin tonight. I want foreplay.

4. Sorry we're late, but we had to stop for a little McLovin.
#quickie #sex #sexual intercourse #love-making #foreplay
by scrat November 21, 2007
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