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Useless, frivilous lawsuits made by fat people so that they can get rich quick while at the same time making total asess out of themselves. Sadly, a scaringly high number of these McLawsuiters get cash settlements.
Fat dude: Hey, I have eaten nothing but McDonalds every day. And wouldn't you know it, I'm fat! That is ridiculous! I never knew that McDonalds was fattening. Eating fat that is breaded and fried in fat never made anyone overweight. They are MAKING me go there with their enticing advertisments! I am suing!
by Skelington December 01, 2003
Lawsuit by a deep-pockets corporation on trademark grounds that is actually for the purpose of suppressing satire or criticism.
Dictionaries that describe the popular usage of "McJobs" as meaning low-paying dead-end jobs are being threatened with McLawsuits by the Golden Archlawyers.

The "People for Eating Tasty Animals" website was also shut down by a McLawsuit.
by Dan Hoey March 21, 2007

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