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1)The correct value of the Quantum mechanic variable “PSI”; useful in describing everything about a electron
2)The correct answers on a test; a guaranteed 100%
3)A from of transportation; a trucking company
4)A term to describe a Electronic Engineer
5)A term to describe a Leadership figure
6)An anti force capable of stopping an unstoppable force; only known force that can stop a Mongeni
7)A Unit of Measurement; 1 McLain= 9.9x10^(9.9x10^(9.9x10^(9.9x10^(9.9x10^(9.9x10^(… Mongeni; 1Wilson = 1McLain; 1Hill = 1McLain.
8)A Set of Rules applied in Math; A McLain cannot be added or multiplied by a Mongeni however a Mongeni can be divided or subtracted by a McLain. A McLain cannot be subtracted or divided by a Wilson however a Wilson can be added or multiplied by a McLain.
1)The electron is at McLain position
2)You have a McLain scores on your midterm
3)The People were moved by a McLain to Wal-Mart
4)A McLain built the circuit
5)The man was filled with McLain
6)The Mongeni was stopped when a McLain appeared
by Mike November 01, 2003
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McLain is also referred to as "McDonalds Lame-o" or "McLame-o"

This is a person who only eats chicken nuggets and is very fat.
The McDonalds guy jizzed on your chicken nuggets. =(
by McDonalds Semanator January 31, 2005

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