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A slang Belfast term, meaning the act in which an massively inebricated person displays their penis to friends or family members. Their reason for doing so is never obvious.

Supposedly linked to a famous event involving an inebriated person by the name of McKeown. After waking the family he shouted "its ok. Your a McKeown, shes a McKeown and this penis pulled out is a McKeown". (Thou this is possibly a weak urban legend)
God, im so wasted im worried I will end up McKeowning later on.
by Artur Vilem June 20, 2007
1. To sneak up on someone in order to scare them, especially when deriving sick amounts of pleasure from the act.

2. A slang term from an illegal alien from the British Isles, espcially Ireland.
1. Ah codwallace! Why do you keep on McKeowning me you sick bastard?!

2. Hey, I heard O'Grady's visa was cancelled.
Yeah? Man, he is such a McKeown now!
by Knutemund Freud May 10, 2006
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