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when you wake up next to your teacher
Holy crap, who's car is in front of our house with a faculty parking tag? Ross must have had another McKelvey last night.
by Newman Rossie October 18, 2006
An uncircumsized penis that is coated in smegma and/or mold and obstructs the male pee hole making it very hard to urinate in a single direction.
"Dude, you better get that McKelvey snipped off before that penis cheese eats your whole dick off"
by Justin Capone September 25, 2005
a hole that monkeys might fly out of.
traditionally an arsehole.
and monkeys might fly out of my mckelvey
by Dudders November 25, 2004
to get the urge to enter a word into the urban dictionary, particularly when associated with a useless southerner of irish descent.
i feel a mcKelvey coming on
by Dudders December 14, 2004
A person who walks as if there is a wide stick up their butt. Often makes poor decisions which will ultimately prove that the person is dumber than they look.
Wow, look at McKelvey walk. Looks like he has a bad case of swamp ass
by DarnelTeaBags March 24, 2014
a bad haircut or hairstyle
have you seen the mckelvey on that
by Dudders November 26, 2004
someone who doesn't know how to add words to the urban dictionary.

a fuckwit
shut up McKelvey you gipsy
by Dudders November 30, 2004