Eating a big meaty burger and getting head at the same time. Usually preferred by employees of large scale burger chains who then use empty burger buns to wipe off the 'excess' leading to the 'mayo myth'.
"Oh man, that was a tough shift but at least I got a McJob at the end of it though!"
by D.Hotchkiss April 28, 2009
A job that pays low wages. A job where you can barely keep food on the table usually worked at by low class people who can't obtain the skills to get any better.
I work at Mcdonald's full time. I have a mcjob.
by Sal Vitale IV October 30, 2008
To give a greasy, sickening blowjob.
"Oi Love, Want A Mcjob?"
by thenclman January 20, 2008
A Blow job, hand job, tit job, or any kind of job given by a clown
"Yo man, i was at my kid sisters birthday party, and Bowzo gave me a mcjob"
by Mike Vaspasiano March 25, 2007
A handjob from a clown.
I went to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger, but I ended up getting a McJob instead...
by Damoh March 24, 2007
getting oral sex from a clown.
bozo gave me a mcjob last night!
by annonymous 11234543224 January 11, 2009
Oral sex from a clown.
Upon threatening to release the pictures of him and a young boy, Ronald was forced to give me a McJob.
by Rambo McFlarrin April 28, 2007

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