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The gurgling sound that comes from the upset stomach after eating large amounts of food from McDonalds.
I think I've got the McGurgles going on after those 5 McChickens.
by Adam June 18, 2006
The uneasy feeling one gets in their stomach after eating McDonalds.
Man I ate lunch at Mc Donalds now I have to find a restroom I have the Mc Gurgles
by emti309 June 18, 2009
The gurgle in your stomach you get after eating Mcdonald's, usually leading to a fart, diarrhea, or possibly vomit.
"I ate too many double cheeseburgers at Mcdonald's and got the mcgurgle.."
by James Msc February 10, 2007
The first side effect after one eats food from McDonald's. Soon to come is the McAche, McRuns, McSpits, McPuke, and finally the trip to the McRoom (Emergency Room).
Delroy- "Man, that super-sized Big Mac extra value meal killed me."

Jasonlin- "I know what your saying, after this meal i'm going to stop eating McDonald's due to the side effects from eating their food."

Delroy- (Puzzled) "Side effec...?" (pukes everywhere)

Jasonlin- "Still need a dictionary? ...Actually i think i have the McGurgles myself...hold on, i'm going to use the John."

Delroy- "I'm gunna hurt that Ronald clown if my McRoom visit is costly!!!"
by The_Buddy January 21, 2010
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