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The ultimate level of intoxication. This happens beyond the blackout stage, and can cause one to do ricidulous, unexplainable things. When McGuired, one often does not wake up in their but, but often on their couch or kitchen floor.
Q: Are you going out tonight?
A: Yeah, but I don't want to drink so much that I get McGuired
by mcguire4313 August 20, 2008
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Being so high that a person acts like a dinosaur, usually a stegosaurus. Usually will indicate a severe mental problem. Sometimes the McGuired will also ramble on about nothing, and make some of the stupidest remarks ever made.

Relates to how stegosauruses were so stupid they would run off cliffs in such massive numbers that their corpses would make a slope that could be used to go down the cliff safely. Yet most stegosauruses still jumped off the cliff. Stegosauruses are one of the stupidest creatures ever, dieing at a rate of 30% total population a year. Only 5 true stegosauruses remain today.

Also relates to Dr. Brandon R. McGuire who argued that stegosauruses primary source of food was marijuana which lead to them having a walnut sized brain.
"He's so McGuired that his tail is showing"
by StegoMaster October 27, 2009
Getting so high that you believe you're a dinosaur, usually a stegosaurus. Most people that believe this have, or will have severe mental problems.

Relates back to a story about how stegosaurus used to be so dumb thousands would fall off a cliff until there was a slope of corpses so they could get down the cliff safely, even then they still jumped off. Unfortunately they were to stupid to go around the cliff.

Also relates to philosopher Brandon R. McGuire who argued that stegosaurses mainly ate a diet of marijuana thus deeming why they had a brain the size of a walnut and stupidly died by the thousands.
"that pot McGuired him badly"
by StegoMaster October 27, 2009

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