To be gayer then gay. The process of male on male penetration. To be very frail wristed. a person that should wear wrist guards
Did u see the movie broke back mountain that was so Mcguire.

Frank looked at steve in a very Mcguire manner.

did u see that guy kiss that other guy that was so Mcguire.
by salomon-skier91 January 16, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is very good at being awesome, The person enjoys being good at everything he/she does
if McGuire is a girl she is very attractive and all they guys love her

if McGuire is a boy, then well get ready for a suprise downstairs ;) RAWR
Wow, I wish I was a McGuire
by Frankie Mollcer November 12, 2009
A location through the years of 1999-2003 that was once considered the drinking capital of Philadelphia. Many have gathered on numerous pointless occasions and have attained extreme levels of intoxication. From beer bongs to birthdays, whippets to gankers, attractive high school dreams to sloppy second scravens. It was a night of chance and garunteed inevitable blackouts. Mainly goodtimes.
"After school McGuire!"
by Jim Christy and mangs May 08, 2007
A person who pretends to drink a lot an act drunk. But in reality is a lightweight.
Man your such a mcguire, you can't even take shots without mixing them in your water bottle.
by qwerty429 October 20, 2011
sucking your own weiner for a long period of time before cumming on your face while fingering your butthole
that kid definitely mcguires himself
by anonymous 11111 June 11, 2009
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