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This term refers to a McDonald's restaurant which has all black employees. They speak very poor english out of pure ignorance, the females generally have ratty ass tri-colored weaves which you can't help but stare at and elaboratly painted finger nails while the males all have corn rows or braids of some sort. You will find a good example of a "McGhetto" in the B concourse of the Chicago O'hare airport.
How can that girl afford a $100.00 paint job on her nails workin at a McGhetto? Must be sellin crack on the side.
by cheesypuuf January 29, 2009
The combining of a Mc Donalds Double Cheese Burger and a Mc Chicken. Done by simply just putting one on top of the other and smushing them together.
(Connor) What are you doing?
(DeShawn) I'm making a Mc Ghetto Nigga!
by Romee Roscoee September 14, 2010