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The pinnacle of McDonalds decadence, it consists of a Big Mac burger with no less than 6 chicken McNuggets wedged in the middle slathered with your choice of McNugget sauce. The beginning of a new fatter North America.
Manboobs 1: Oh Fuck! I'm Hungry who's down for some mcdicks?
Manboobs 2 & 3: Good idea!
Manboobs 2: What are you going to order?
Manboobs 1: Well i want a Big Mac
Manboobs 2: I want some chicken nuggets
Manboobs 3: Hey guys! why don't we try putting them together!

thus, a new beginning or "genesis" of the ultimate heartattack inducing food is born... The McGenesis Burger
by bboyarcitec July 27, 2010
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