One who is chicken or not listening...
Hello! McFly!
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
an item of food from mcdonalds consisting of a burger bun, cheese, a 1/4 pounder and fly sauce (the secret ingredient)
guy: i'll have the mcfly please
mc donalds guy: thats a very popular choice today
by coonster supremeo January 02, 2006
Originally used in Back to the Future movies and now pertains to three male hookers: Jason the American bitch, Jonas the Swedish pimp, and Russell aka pooh pants
Hey, McFly, I thought I told you never to come in here!

McFly, why don't you make like a tree and leave!

McFly! I thought I told you...oh wrong room!

121 giga watts! 88 miles per hour!
by Doc April 17, 2004
A rubbish band who only gaymo's listen to, a band who are gay and puffy!! A BAND WHO MURDERED DONT STOP ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!
looser: i love that song dont stop me now by Mcfly!!

Gaymo: yh they awsome they were clever to make that song

Person with sense: Mcfly suck!!! and they ruined dont stop me now!! which was origionally writen, sung, performed and DONE WELL by Queen!!!!!!

idiot: queen?
by Emo Scum, yes iam scum July 17, 2008
A totally untalented English crap pop band who i love for no particular reason except that they are this squad of incredibly good-looking and hilarious guys.

Tom Fletcher - guitar, vocals
Danny Jones - guitar, vocals
Dougie Poynter (<3<3<3) - bass, vocals
Harry Judd - drums
person 1: What is the most untalented band in the world?
person 2: McFly.
person 1: What is the most amazing band in the world?
person 2: McFly.
by dougieluvr March 20, 2008
Irritating Boy band put together by corporate bastards who want the money from 8-14 year old girls, and they're succeeding because these idiotic girls are too in love with the cunts who are in this shitty band, that they dont realize whats really going on.
If someone dislikes mcfly and takes the piss out of them on this site, it doesn't mean that they're jealous, it means that they simply dont like them, you fucking morons.

I can't beleive one of those bastards was on never mind the buzzcocks.
I hate Mcfly because they bastardized one of my favorite Queen songs, anyone who does that must die. simple as.

If you want some real music, listen to some megadeth.
by Theo 'God' Hinds November 05, 2007
a british pop band. although they do nothing remotely good with music, they are popular because the majority of the british public don't give a fuck if their music is good - as long as the 'artists' are good looking.

contributing to the end of the musical world.

busted matt willis darius gareth gates moron
McFly is an extremely bland and unoriginal band who got famous because teenage girls like twentysomethings who look like rats.
by ThomasLOL November 14, 2006

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