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Musician based out of Cleveland, Ohio Founder Of MindLab Entertainment.

Defined as Electro, House, Industrial, Hip Hop combining these elements for a one of a kind sound.

Known For creating the Fraise: Dopeski

MindLab consists of McFly, Epic, Vers, RockyBlunt, B-Lo

With a growing fan base daily he has one full length record DiscoSuperDope. FREE for download @ mediafire.com/mcflydiscosuperdope

New album due out Fall 2011
by OfficialWordplay May 03, 2011
A debilating cramp that occurs while manipulate ones genitalia, also known as temporary parkisons.
"The other day I was jerking it, I got so into it I pulled a McFly"
by Lagginwaggin June 24, 2009
Marty Mcfly from the film Back to the future or the pop band named after marty Mcfly
'You guys might not be ready for this, but you kids are gunna love it!'
by *McFly_Dudette* June 04, 2005
Coined in Redlands, CA, this colloquial term is used to describe the sandwich at McDonalds consisting of a cheeseburger, three chicken McNuggets, and BBQ sauce. Usually a meal consumed by daring top-tier athletes before games, matches, meets, etc.
Athlete #1: I need something to get me through our game, I haven't eaten all day.
Athlete #2: You thinkin what I'm thinkin?
Both: McFly!!!
by Zevalkinky March 16, 2011
An amazing BAND who are too underrated! They are 4 talented boys,nDougie Poynetr, Tom Fletcher, Danny JOnes and Harry Judd. They are inspirational and play and write the most perfect music.
Me: Shut up and go away!

Good person: I love McFly, they're talented and inspirational. they should really be alot more wolrd wide known than they are, alough they already are popular throught the world
Me: Well done! I like you! Haha
by McFlyfan June 14, 2013
a band who r shitter than any other and suck my ball mc fly suck shitt out of me crack fucking bum boys
mcfly r gayer than a gay man
by MR GOTH March 16, 2005
The worst band in existence ever!
12 year old girl:” they are like so the new busted!"
12 year old boy: "yea i got a mc fly hoody thats 3 sizes to big for me and hang around with my other 12 year old idiot friends down the park and that makes me a skater even though i have no interest in any kind of sport extreme or not and would probably be to fat to balance on anything with out handles"
by asha July 19, 2004