Sum lil band that think their kool cus they toured wiv busted! can i say summit UR NOT!!! ur townies that try 2 b busted who r rubbish in the 1st place i mean y do we need 2 busted's?!?!?! gaa n they were all like "we are pop i mean we dnt go around tryin 2 b sumit were not!" WELL STOP PRETENDIN 2 PLAY GUITARS N AV WANNAB MOSHIN IN Ur CRAPPY LIL VID!! i mean cum on the wrld suffrd n e nuf wen busted were realised but now mcfly aswl god sum1 stop them!
"n every1 asks me who she is that weirdo wiv 5 coulours in her do do doo." *gets beeyatch slapped by sum1 that likes proper music*
by Sam April 02, 2004
1. The greatest family to have ever lived. Not your traditional family, but certainly a family none-the-less. They are more than likely to take over the world in the near future. They are perfect in nature, outstanding leaders, and in most cases have extremely large male complexes (Penises).

2. The plural form of the name "Marty McFly" from "Back to the Future".
1. "I saw a McFlies become the president of the United States, and boy did he have a big dick!"

2. "In the new back to the future, there's many Marty McFlies!
by Tim McFlies September 04, 2014

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