A Pop BoyBand consisting of four extremly unatractive Little boys, who promote charitys like live8 'Make poverty history' but exploit the people and use them in their POP music videos, also known as lyers this type of band tells you all the money from their single 'Room on the 3rd Floor'goes to charity but in McFly means..'Tom needs a new car' or 'Harry wants new drums'
Also see Teletubbies or Busted clones
'Come on Mollie Mcfly are on Cbbies again'

Customer: id like the album of the band that are like busted.
Shop Clerk: McFly, isle 3.
by DanielleS June 08, 2005
A sign that Britain's going down the crapper
McFly are so good they can play the wrong chords on unplugged guitars and still sound exactly the same on every performance...
by opivy December 17, 2004
A cheesy pop group who attempt to play four chord songs but fail miserably. Not only do they copy blink 182 by the bassist having the exact same make and color bass of mark from blink 182 but he also has the EXACT same famous stars and straps sticker in the exact same place on his bass as mark does from blink. How dare someone have the ordasity to say they sound like the beach boys!!!!
MCFLY Are shit and thats that.
by Matty "Haribo" Harrison December 17, 2004
mcfly are probably the most annoyin bunch of money grabbing wannabes exept for son of dork.
if they play their own instruments why do they play the wrong chords on unplugged guitars and still sound the same at every 'performance'?
If they admit they're pop and have 'never implied they're rock' then why did they say in an interview 'are you ready for the most rock and roll day of ur life?'
why hav they all had their done like blink 182?
why are they trying to look all serious nd emo on their albums?
why did they desecrate a perfectly good song by an amazin band?
they hav about as much musical talent as a dying cat
Table of musical talent:

1. Alice cooper + all old rock nd metal
2.new rock
3.inanimate objects
5.stupid pop bands
6.dying cats
7.1000 ft of plankton
8.100 ft of crap
9. and then there's mcfly
Officialy the worst band ever. They are an english pop group, and are cheesey fake wannabes. they are all really ugly and mime playing their guitars.
trying to be something u arent
by Nic March 08, 2004
A manufactured pop group with the soul aim of trying to emulate what Busted started, which is not a good thing. Basically there music is totally meaningless and so simple a disabled chimp could play it. Their shows are always mimed and the guitars are never played, the way to tell is that you can usually spot that the guitars aren't plugged in to anything (the don't even have signal boxes) or that there are no amplifiers. By reading their unoffical biography you will see that there were manufactured as it gives a list of people who didn't make the line up. Basically McFly are the next generation of manufactured rubbish designed to poison young peoples minds with totally untalented, pointless music and rob bands with a million times the talent of the credit they deserve. They are further proof that in todays music industry, talent is optional, all you need is a pretty face and be willing to sell out and be exploited as much as possible. Don't worry all you brain washed McFly fans, when they split up in the near future they'll be another totally pointless, meaningless, talentless clone to take there place who's only purpose is to brain wash you and take your money; you consumer whore.
McFly? I could pull a better act out of my ass....
by PUNX March 17, 2005
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