a group made up of four strapping young lads (with flippin sexy voices) who have 7 number one's under their belt, a world record and 3 wicked tours, 3 albums and two DVD's.

McFly are a fantastic british pop band and have a large following of young female fans, not sweaty fat men like the rock scene so thoroughly enjoy.

They regularly receive underwear and get boobs flashed at them thanks to their musical talent, good looks and all round fantasticness.

Generally, Mcfly are much better than you and unlike Mark from blink, dougie has good hair AND Tom is no longer fat thanks :)

you all suck cock.
Artard: McFly are so shit. all their fans are teenage girls!

Me: Yeh, i bet that sucks. i'd much rather have sweaty fat men shouting at me and jumping on me than fit birds showing me their massive boobs. that would make me vomit.

by Chintastic July 02, 2007
Many people all around the world believe that McFly is a great band!!One of them is ME! whats wrong with this people ha? Are all of them Crazy? Know that many don't like that kind of music....pop music! Some of you might like Rock music...Metal of hip hop..or any other kind you might like! But that's not an explanation for humiliating a band that gives a 100 % of what he can! Even though just so you know they wont give a damn for what you say! There not the kind of people getting on stage playing play back....with others playing the music and others have written their songs! the DO write the lyrics...they come up with their own music and sing it for the people who wanna listen! and i want to inform you that this people are BILLIONS!!!! your only 1 or maybe more....but who cares? as you maybe already know....the most WIN!!!!!
McFly.....save your words for something that you're sure you'll achieve....I'm not against you but i believe that no one alone can change the world!And no one can change McFly!!Because McFly are part of the world!!
by Mar.McFly July 05, 2009
The best effin' modern (as opposed to beatles time) band ever to emerge from the UK.
Yes, that's right. You heard me.

because we all hate you! =D

Tom is fiiittt.....
person with bad taste in music: Uh, mcfly suck
person with good taste in music: YOU SUCK.
by ThatStarGirl June 07, 2009
Marty Mcfly from the film Back to the future or the pop band named after marty Mcfly
'You guys might not be ready for this, but you kids are gunna love it!'
by *McFly_Dudette* June 04, 2005
Coined in Redlands, CA, this colloquial term is used to describe the sandwich at McDonalds consisting of a cheeseburger, three chicken McNuggets, and BBQ sauce. Usually a meal consumed by daring top-tier athletes before games, matches, meets, etc.
Athlete #1: I need something to get me through our game, I haven't eaten all day.
Athlete #2: You thinkin what I'm thinkin?
Both: McFly!!!
by Zevalkinky March 16, 2011
a band who r shitter than any other and suck my ball mc fly suck shitt out of me crack fucking bum boys
mcfly r gayer than a gay man
by MR GOTH March 16, 2005
The worst band in existence ever!
12 year old girl:” they are like so the new busted!"
12 year old boy: "yea i got a mc fly hoody thats 3 sizes to big for me and hang around with my other 12 year old idiot friends down the park and that makes me a skater even though i have no interest in any kind of sport extreme or not and would probably be to fat to balance on anything with out handles"
by asha July 19, 2004
1. A lame ass band that has 1 fan that spams a website.

2. A fan that is so obsessed they might do something crazy!
This band has a real McFly, at least they have 1 fan. Hope she doesnt kill them when they wont have sex with her.

Look at that chick getting tea-bagged by Danny Alan David Jones while taking it in the ass by Dougie Lee Poynter, what a McFly.

Yeah she is a real McFly! She is getting Dougied by Dougie Lee Poynter.
by Go Away Super fan December 14, 2010

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