a group made up of four strapping young lads (with flippin sexy voices) who have 7 number one's under their belt, a world record and 3 wicked tours, 3 albums and two DVD's.

McFly are a fantastic british pop band and have a large following of young female fans, not sweaty fat men like the rock scene so thoroughly enjoy.

They regularly receive underwear and get boobs flashed at them thanks to their musical talent, good looks and all round fantasticness.

Generally, Mcfly are much better than you and unlike Mark from blink, dougie has good hair AND Tom is no longer fat thanks :)

you all suck cock.
Artard: McFly are so shit. all their fans are teenage girls!

Me: Yeh, i bet that sucks. i'd much rather have sweaty fat men shouting at me and jumping on me than fit birds showing me their massive boobs. that would make me vomit.

by Chintastic July 02, 2007
McFly actually plays instruments, unlike Busted, whom they are compared oh so very often.

Sure, the guys are fit, but they also have talent. Shut up you bashers.

They're not afraid to admit that they're pop. What's so wrong with that?

I usually listen to emo, punk-rock, pop-rock, and they are the first pop band that I like because their songs are catchy and easy to sing along with.

They have talent. Live with it. I will totally welcome them when they hit the United States.
by Daixi January 11, 2005
A TALENTED band who CAN sing and play their own instruments. If you think they're so crap, why don't you go and try to play their songs infront of a sell out arena tour? Because you're such tight-minded that if a band plays a type of music which doesn't suit your taste, you instantly think that they completely suck and are just there because a record label thought that they were good looking. If you don't like that type of music, fair enough, but there's no need to go around making everyone think what a plonker you are, is there?

Hate McFly? Go flush your heard in a toilet until you start giving people respect at what genre they enjoy listening to.

Personally, I've been to 8 concerts, and as soon as the tickets come out for the next tour, I'm going. Every concert I've been to has been different, and they've totally rocked the stage. If you saw them play any of the guitar solo's to their songs, you'd probably change your mind. My friend took her friend who is MALE, and he didn't really like McFly. Ever since then, he's been a fan and he said it's one of the best concert's he's been to, and he goes to a LOT of concerts, eg. My Chemical Romance, Aiden, Lostprophets and so on.
Person with a baised opinon against pop music : "OMG McFly are like 5 years old, and that means that it's impossible that they might be good, because they sing pop music & I don't like pop music!"
Clever person who doesn't like McFly : "I don't like McFly because they're not my type of music, but they're talented because they can sing and play decent music."
by StHannah182 November 11, 2007
kick ass band
mcfly are a-maz-ing
by im a fan March 07, 2004
i don't see everyone's problem with mcfly
so you might not like them but there's no need to say the things that you are saying
they have hundreds of thousands of fans so they can't be that shit can they
by becki4harry January 27, 2005
mcfly totally rock!!their the best band ever.if you dont like them then thats fine but keep your opinions to yourselves and if you really hated them you wouldnt waste your time writing about them!get a life losers!!!!!!!!
i love dougie he is sooo sexy!!!!
by *dougies-baby* August 17, 2004
these guys are amazing. going to see them in concert in september muahahhahahha. their album is the sex.

dougie poynter <3 <3 <3 <3
harry judd <3 <3 <3
tom fletcher <3 <3
danny jones <3 <3
mcfly are the sex...that is all.
by katatatatatatatat <3 March 09, 2005
The BEST BAND EVA!! who are tryin 2 be nothing but McFly. They r a POP band and they know it they may like Rock but that doesnt mean they want 2 be a rock band.
The 1st band i have ever known for all members 2 be EXTREMLY FIT!!!
by *McFlyz_Dudette* February 12, 2005
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