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One who is always there to support and comfort you. Usually very good in bed and has a very large penis (male) or extremely nice and perky boosms (female). May have a tendancy to be very very very VERY hairy e.g "cor thats a real McEvoy pussy" or "Those are MceEvoy legs no doubt about it."

Likes to plot revenge and destroy those that wrong them, especially ex partners.

Hates ANYTHING being put in there anus
woah dude your a real McEvoy kinda guy arent you
by Fred Alexander Blogs June 24, 2010
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One who enjoys sex in the anus.
He said that mcevoying with a tranny was the bomb!
by Harry Wangshlang July 02, 2008
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Someone who appears busy and competent, however never actually delivers any work at all.
The boss at my work, is a complete McEvoy
by SomeNoddy September 21, 2011
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