a place were people go to use the toilet when they dont want to pay for food.
aw man i gotta take a shit..
go to Mc Donalds...
nah cuz then id have to pay for food....
no u dont just tell then u want a mcshit with lies.
by fat pwner October 10, 2008
Where all the people who defined school as hell go.
"School is terrible" 20 years lada... My life sux I work at Mcdonalds
by Ozone May 06, 2004
If Hell served food... you get the idea.
If you can find Mc Donalds in Russia then you can find it in hell.
by Samuel Kane May 03, 2008
The cause of overweight americans
"ba-ta-pa-pa-paaa im loving beign overweight"
by Funk December 27, 2004
Celebrating american obesity since 1955.
It must feel great to make $5.15 an hour at Mcdonalds!
by Staples August 19, 2006
Complete and udder shit. A lying, stupid, money-hungry fast food business that just wants your money and doesn't care about its green hamburger patties.
Big n' Tasty, McGriddle, Fish Fillet
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 01, 2003
Instead of raising the prices on their food, they gradually made their food smaller!
Is it just me, or did that McChicken from McDonald's get smaller?
by TheLegend July 24, 2006
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