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A slow way to kill America.
One cheeseburger at McDonalds with eyerything on it should be called, your slow painful death!
by singer201998 July 14, 2009
14 52
heaven on earth for michael.
michael: how much wuld it cost to buy out the whole place?
by anonymous December 07, 2004
7 52
A place where everybody in Baker County Florida goes to eat on Wednesdays. At night and at lunch! Where Anthony Davis buys all his girls food from. It is actually only cool on Wednesdays and that is because the cheeseburgers are like 50 cent so they are cheap. But nobody ever eats there except for Wednesdays, everyone goes to burger king wendy's mi toros taco bell or to the chinese place or they just go to ronie's or to fraser's!
Where people eat on Wed. because they are super cheap!
by 36c_is_the_best_size_ever! December 14, 2004
10 63
If somebody is actually stupid enough to read this far down, especially about something as boring as macd's, then please mail me. It would be interesting to know how sad you are. BTW, I know someone who works there and puts hairs in the burgers when he cooks them. Once he put a dead spider in. It was funny.
Why are McNuggets always cold?
by Random December 17, 2003
26 85
The greatest fast food place ever. Nuff said.
"Damn thats an awesome burger!! Must be from McDonalds!"
by Miranda July 17, 2003
48 148