Fat people's retreat.
1: "hey dude wanna go to McDonalds???"

2: "yessss im gunna burn my fat walking there and then gain three times the amount I burned at mcdonalds!! Then I will grow a 2ft wide tumor, call it jimmy!! then I'll buy it a hat and eat more mcdonalds and make my tumor even fatter! yay"

1: "wat?"
by Hidendra_ July 15, 2008
you lot are all fuckin twats, u dont know fuck all, i work there, and im in college doin a BTEC, and im dumb compared to the rest of em, and only 2 types of food is done in a microwave, the rest is COOKed on the grill or in the vats, most emplyees are part time while they go college, and the rest are almost managers, which earns you good pay when you get in to it,
While were not cooking, were messin around and havin a laugh, its actuly fun.
So all you retards who dis, i suggest you get a fuckin life you cunts, come back when you know what its like in there
a Resturant that serves a range of food and healthy eating is an option.
Standards are high, and no1 jizzed in any food in any plyouth resturant, its all bull!
by Phill Stone April 12, 2004
A place which pays much to little for its employees to deal with fat mean spirited customers or a child that already has "That Toy".

Employees are always either High School kids whose parents made them get a j-o-b, the one college guy that had to come home cause he's poor, and several grown men who are usually always convicts of some sort, these men often spend all their time at work hitting on the teenage girls that work there. THe only other people group represented in the Mc-Work Force, are the Moms who got knocked up at 16 and have deadbeat boyfriends/husbands who refuse to support the child in any way
When you die, you either go to Heaven, or McDOnalds
wait,you mean Hell right
Did I stutter??
by Thomas Q Mertz January 16, 2006
heaven on earth for michael.
michael: how much wuld it cost to buy out the whole place?
by anonymous December 07, 2004
A place where everybody in Baker County Florida goes to eat on Wednesdays. At night and at lunch! Where Anthony Davis buys all his girls food from. It is actually only cool on Wednesdays and that is because the cheeseburgers are like 50 cent so they are cheap. But nobody ever eats there except for Wednesdays, everyone goes to burger king wendy's mi toros taco bell or to the chinese place or they just go to ronie's or to fraser's!
Where people eat on Wed. because they are super cheap!
by 36c_is_the_best_size_ever! December 14, 2004
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