place that used to have rubber chicken nuggets that i lost a tooth in
"mommy i can't bite into this chicken nugget"
by ow March 13, 2005
a fast food conspiracy, that the Canadians use to make the world obsess so that they can shift the earths orbit in order to make fun of the Americans. mostly dumb white people.
Niger lets go to mcdonalds and get a big mac.I am to fucking fat I can't move I think i shifted the Earths orbit. Damn those fucking canadians. Amen
by bottle cap April 01, 2008
A place that serves some of the nastiest Fast food ever to go world wide.
And a place that A dad of a family I know used to sing a song about on road trips. It goes like....
McDonalds is my kind of place
Hamburgers in your face
French fries between your toes
Dill pickles up yoour nose
And don't forget those fabulous shakes
Made from poluted lakes
McDonalds is my kind of place.
by Prof_Snakes November 30, 2005
pig intestines but who cares it tastes good & i dont seem 2 b gainin weight
i eat it 4 breakfast
by confidential September 09, 2003
A place where people of all ages and sizes exchange money for shite eat it and come out 50 tonnes heavier. And the place that sues anyone or thing that has the prefix Mc.
I went to mcdonalds an now my scales dont register my weight it is so much. I was later sued by mcdonalds when they found out my name was Mckenzie.
by The Bean July 22, 2003
A place where you can get money.
Hey! Lets sue McDonalds, I need money.
by Ziddy February 18, 2004
Ok sum people don't like it fair enough.........
But its cheap.....Its edible.......And most days its quite gd.......
by hahahaha October 18, 2003

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