A fat mans dream also a good place to eat
Im feeling to skinny lets go to mcdonalds
by slim thug May 02, 2005
A college student's haven. 3 dollars for a meal? Of course I'm going to eat there
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
A fast food joint that everyone seems to hate, for no real reason.

- For people saying that it is a dirty place, you are wrong. I work there, and the bosses keep the place clean like a neurotic raccoon would.
- And for all those clueless ass holes saying shit like 'ewww its not even real beef/chicken/whatever.' No darling of course its not, we use the fake beef that doesnt exist. -sarcasm-.
Of course its real...seriously.

- No their beef isnt the most healthy thing, but the chicken isnt too bad. Just dont eat a lot of it.
- And for the picky customer that orders like this. "ill take the double quarter pounder with no cheese, an extra pickle, no mayonaise and salt but no pepper", don't crack the shits when we fuck it up, we actually don't have time to make it perfect, we try , but we have to keep the line moving. And if we did take an extra minute to make it properly, then you would be whinging at us for taking too long.
- And no, its not degrading in anyway for someoen to work at mcdonalds. It's extremely well known and recognized in the business industry, they also train you very very well.

Stop whinging, If you don't like it, dont ever step inside a Mcdonalds again.
Person 1: OMG mcdonalds is sooo bad lyk they dont even use real MEAT! its FAKE!

Person 2:: what do they use then?

Person 1: ears! and toe meat!

Person 2: *sigh and eye roll*
by hugeeeedick November 03, 2010
A great place to eat. The employees are always friendly and it has way cooler stuff than Burger King. All you get at Burger King is bunch of whoppers that stick in your gut for days. In Mcdonalds, you can have an option of having cheap, non fattening burgers for under $1 and it has more better options such as the McFlurry, McCafe, etc.
McDonalds rock...all you McDonalds haters should actually get a good taste of their coffee. It's addicting...it's McCrack.
by Kyle230 June 25, 2009
a great place to go when you are hungry. Many people think only fat people go there, but most people eating at mcdonalds are healthy. If you only eat home made cheese burgers, you will be fat
wow, mcdonalds is 95% filled with healthy, working class people that are hungry and want something to eat
by rle516 December 31, 2005
McDonalds is possibly one of the big reasons why New York is so damn Liberal. The thing that's liberal about McDonalds is that the damned Fast food company is trying to make the rest of America look like hell holes like California and New York. I certainly dont want my state of Missouri and my birth state of Kansas to turn into a California or New York.
If McDonalds keeps growing, then even once Religious and old-fashioned countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are going to be overly progressive countries where Females rule the government and men are forced to wear Skirts and dresses.
by Harmeister March 29, 2005
a place where the fat spawn, nerds go TO spawn, and cows go TO DIEEEEEEEE
Joe: did you know mcdonalds killed 100000000000000000
cows in the past week/

Bob: shut upppppp
by onewhodies November 14, 2010
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