Heaven on Earth.
Let's go to Mcdonalds, I hear it's like Heaven on Earth!
#bigmac #fries #one dollar drinks #fatty food #mcnuggetsjr chicken
by mcdickslover July 19, 2010
I work at McDonalds, and all this bull shit about 'jizzing in the sandwiches' and 'mcnuggets made out of pigeons'? What the fuck?
Get a life people.
We have good food, and if you don't want to eat it, don't come :]
How bout that?
I have a lot of regulars that come in, who are not over weight.
Our food might not be the healthiest, but who cares?
Mmm, Mcdonalds <3
#mcnuggets #food #yum #good #eat here!
by McDonalds Worker. October 14, 2008
Good food, good friends, lots of fun, Great place to work. It is not our fault if you gain weight from eating our food....YOU ORDERED IT
I am an employee that loves her job at Mcdonalds
by A Current Employee March 09, 2004
Imagine the people of the future uncovering 21st century artifacts..lol
by Queen of Darkness December 22, 2003
A place where you can get a cheese buger, fries, and a Coke, for less than 3 dollars. Need I say more?
I'm getting a craving for cheap, tasteless, grasy cardboard. Let's go to McDonalds.
by jusme October 10, 2003
A great place to eat. The employees are always friendly and it has way cooler stuff than Burger King. All you get at Burger King is bunch of whoppers that stick in your gut for days. In Mcdonalds, you can have an option of having cheap, non fattening burgers for under $1 and it has more better options such as the McFlurry, McCafe, etc.
McDonalds rock...all you McDonalds haters should actually get a good taste of their coffee. It's addicting...it's McCrack.
#mccafe #mcdonalds #the clown #burger king #good food #burger
by Kyle230 June 25, 2009
Why the hell are you looking this up? Do you live in Antarctica? I bet they even have this shit there...
Holy shit McDonalds is everywhere!
#mcdonalds #crap #fastfood #nasty #grease #mcnuggets #mchicken
by Will.Z August 26, 2007
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