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Enough sh*t talking people. McDonalds is an awesome place and it'll remain awesome. their fries taste great and the big macs they serve are with no doubt- awesome.
dude 1: I'm hungry

dude 2: well go to McDonalds, that place serves great food no doubt.
by Anonymous322512345 July 28, 2009
3 4
The best fast food restaurant ever to exist. They have delicious burgers, and the best chicken nuggets and strips ever to be cooked. There fries are extremely delicious, and taste really good when coated with grease. But unfortunately, Mcdonalds is getting ruined by obese people who are sueing them even though theyre the ones who ate it every day. In my opinion, Mcdonalds is ok every once in a while, but dont get mad at them if you have no self control over your mouth.
Dude, lets go get some Mcdonalds!

Yes! Ive been craving those fries.
by Bulbonius January 10, 2006
21 22
Restaurant (¿?) where the meat is like the shit.

Tara ta ta taaa
I'm vomiting it
Faggot: Well... I think I'll demand a Double Big Mac Rat.

Dumbass: Don't forget the Roach Nuggets...
by Kike January 11, 2005
10 11
slogan: "I'm lovin' it", anything one finds excitement or enthusiasm for.

a single word to express one's enjoyment of something.
Andrew: "dude sex with this new girls is McDonalds!"

Rob: "what?"

Andrew: "i'm lovin' it"

Rob: "oh hahaha, nice"
by rbj611 November 17, 2010
1 3
Heaven on Earth.
Let's go to Mcdonalds, I hear it's like Heaven on Earth!
by mcdickslover July 19, 2010
2 4
Good food, good friends, lots of fun, Great place to work. It is not our fault if you gain weight from eating our food....YOU ORDERED IT
I am an employee that loves her job at Mcdonalds
by A Current Employee March 09, 2004
19 21
Imagine the people of the future uncovering 21st century artifacts..lol
by Queen of Darkness December 22, 2003
7 9