It refers to a person having an extremely overly obese buttock, most likely developed from excessive ingestion of fast foods, such as McDonalds.
Mike: "Man look at that hot booty chick!"
Sam: "Dude that mcdonalds is disturbingly disguisting!!"
by M3rcy October 26, 2011
Somewhere which sells burgers full of chemicals and fat but taste so nice people try not to think of the fat and preservatives.
I saw two pictures of McDonalds burgers, one from 1995 and one from 2008.

The one from 1995 looked identical to the one from 2008.
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall April 30, 2011
A place serving elegant American cuisine. In other countries this place is also known as the American Embassy.
Search "Megadeth at mcdonalds" on youtube...
by theydidntnameme December 18, 2010
The best hangover recovery food in the world, apart from a extremely cold shower.
Andy: Lets go to McDonalds, I'm so hungover from Mindy's party last night.

Mitchell: Yep, you were smashed.
by Double Quarter Pounder Meal September 16, 2009
An awesome place. You CAN eat there every now and then without getting heart disease and becoming obese. Every other definition here is ridiculous. McDonald's food is delicious; don't be a hater! I eat it sometimes and I'm thin because I eat good most of the time and I exercise. Anyone who hates Mickey D's is just spiteful because they are fat.
Hater: Oh geez McDonalds is gross food and they're like a disease spreading all over the world. Their food kills people!!!!!!

Supporter: Big deal, if you hate it, then don't eat it!
by Ice fox August 04, 2009
An annual multi-billion dollar restaurant mega-franchise operating on every continent throughout the world, yet what they pay the employees - a full time crew member doesn't even make enough per month to rent a one-bedroom studio apartment. (At least in California).

The first brand that comes to mind when the average person hears the phrase "fast food".

A restaurant chain that eerily imposed itself as being a staple of American culture.

If you are an employee at this restaurant and only speak English you will have to use a lot of hand gestures, head nodding, and head shaking.

A restaurant where all the Hispanic employees yell at each other for no reason

A safe haven of a workplace for Hispanic immigrants who don't really want to assimilate or learn then English language.

A restaurant where as a crew member you feel like a subhuman because of the cheesy uniform they make you wear, the rude, nasty "guests" they expect you to serve while smiling at them and pretending to like them.

A restaurant where you will hear at least three things spill or drop in the kitchen area every hour.

A restaurant that makes the few people people with smarts that work there really want to get an education and get a paying job. Not one that pays peanuts!
Maria: Susie!!! Cuatro hamburgeusa por favor!!!

Joe: What? I thought we were in America?

(Something then spills in the kitchen)

Mario: Merda!!!

Another day at McDonalds!

Maria: Joe, get a mop and the dustbin! Arriba! Arriba!
by hatelife677 July 06, 2009
Verb: A complete and utter failure of the digestive system from digesting McDonalds brand resturant foods. Resulting in but not always limited to (a)Vomiting (b)Urination (c)Voluntary and Involuntary Bowel Movements

As a sidenote, One to all three of these actions ( (a)(b)(c) ) are possible at any given time while the said action is happening.
Wow, I just Mcdonalds'd and i think i might have Vomited, Pissed, and Dumped all at the same time. But now that that is over, i feel ALOT better! Phew!!!

To Mcdonalds, it takes alot of energy

by Kyle the Road Trip Man July 20, 2006

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