An excuse for a fucking franchise
Boy1:Want some McDonalds

Boy2:Sorry I don't eat shit
by N-BomB011 August 06, 2015
A adjective usually followed by "I'm loving it." after a short pause. To show enjoyment or amazement.
Dude, I keep finding $20 in my sock drawer that shit is Mcdonalds.......I'm loving it.
by ErosBishop February 23, 2014
A place frequented by stoners, who gather to feast on 99 cent hamburgers (often 6-7 at a time) and odd-shaped nuggets of "pure white meat". In a nutshell, the food is cheap and pretty damn good but be prepared to wait in line for a good half an hour, as the place is usually swamped with teens baked out of their tree after 7 PM.
"Dude, I'm F***in ripped, got mad munchies up in here"

"To McDonalds we go"
by rainbowdash93 March 04, 2012
It refers to a person having an extremely overly obese buttock, most likely developed from excessive ingestion of fast foods, such as McDonalds.
Mike: "Man look at that hot booty chick!"
Sam: "Dude that mcdonalds is disturbingly disguisting!!"
by M3rcy October 26, 2011
Somewhere which sells burgers full of chemicals and fat but taste so nice people try not to think of the fat and preservatives.
I saw two pictures of McDonalds burgers, one from 1995 and one from 2008.

The one from 1995 looked identical to the one from 2008.
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall April 30, 2011
A place serving elegant American cuisine. In other countries this place is also known as the American Embassy.
Search "Megadeth at mcdonalds" on youtube...
by theydidntnameme December 18, 2010
The best hangover recovery food in the world, apart from a extremely cold shower.
Andy: Lets go to McDonalds, I'm so hungover from Mindy's party last night.

Mitchell: Yep, you were smashed.
by Double Quarter Pounder Meal September 16, 2009

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