The failed result of two obese individuals attempting to have intercourse but instead going to their favorite fast-food restaurant.
Those two fat fuckers had to give up on sex and went to McDonald's instead.
by Timmytukan October 29, 2008
A place where a man cries.
They video tape it and then sell it to the black market.
by Who Cares August 06, 2003
A very fat M.C. Master of Ceremonies (Rapper)
Guy 1- I'm pretty sure that rapper up there has more chins than he has rhymes.
Guy 2- Yeah, what an M.C Donalds!
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
Just read the book 'Chew On This' and your question is answered.

John: "Want to go to McDonald's?"
Serena: "No"
John: "Why"?
Serena: *hands John book 'Chew On This'* "That's why".
John: "What's this"?
Serena: "The most important book you will ever read."
by Jewel-Leeana February 09, 2009
Where the fatty arbuckles eat to get plumper from the ecoli infested beef.
I ate from fast food resturants, and I got diaherria for the whole winter-spring season.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
1. A restaraunt that's not nearly as shitty as everyone thinks it is. I've worked there for two years, and while I don't particularly LOVE my job, I can honestly say that it's one of the cleanest places I've ever worked.
Everything is sanitized every 30 minutes to an hour, ones something leaves the counter or the window, it will be immediately thrown away when returned (so no, we don't just take it back and scrape the onions off, bastards.)
Nothing sits for longer than 10 minutes, fries only for 7 minutes. So when you complain that your fries are old, they're most likely about 3 minutes old and you're just a picky asshole.
Every sandwich IS made fresh, unless you call and say you're going to pick up 40 Bic Macs, then you BETTER not complain saying that they weren't fresh.
Don't ask for fresh fries when you go through drive-thru, because even if we tell you we'll make sure they are, we really won't. Your fries will be fresh no matter what, we're not gonna drop a fresh batch to make your precious 4 year old a child-size fry only to waste the rest.

If you walk in and the lobby is messy, take a look at your watch. What time is it? I'm sick of getting complaints saying that they "came in at 1 in the afternoon on a saturday and the lobby was empty, but it was still a mess." because it's a SATURDAY where the lunch rush lasts about 4 hours with a few empty periods in between. We're probably too busy stocking up on shit to make your precious food to get to the lobby right away, but I can assure you, it'll happen soon.

Don't tell us that we're slacking off and you're waiting oh-so-long for your food, when there are a bunch of "dick heads" just standing around talking. Uh. Hello? Only ONE person is supposed to get each order. If it's taking so long, don't blame the person getting it! It's probably the GRILL'S fault, because they're a bunch of lazy mexicans who can't seem to get an order made in under 10 minutes.

There is nothing wrong with your shake. The yellow is the VANILLA FLAVORING. Get over it!

Don't say "I've been waitng for 15 minutes!" beacuse then you just look like a dumbass, because we all know it's been about 3.


GIVE US ALL A BREAK. 2/3 of the staff are under the age of 17, and this is their first jobs. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GET EVERYTHING PERFECT.

2. A restaraunt that serves whiny, annoying, fat ass customers.
Quit sending in emails complaining over the gayest stuff in the world, because WE DON'T CARE.

Q: "Hey let's order 15 big macs at McDonalds and complain that it's not ready in 30 seconds!"
A: "Okay!"
by Z0MBIEDUSTTT November 08, 2007
A symbol of US dominance and filth. Demonstrative of the idea that an advanced society can exist and thrive without producing goods and services that relate to or possess quality.
by radio August 07, 2003
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